Ladies and Mens Social Rules

  • Golf Social Cheat Sheet

Scoring Please observe club rule pick up after 6 record 7 on scorecard.

  • Sign and attest- all must agree on scores

  • Hand into GTS immediately after round

    Keep Pace of Play

  • Play ready golf

  • After teeing off proceed to your own ball

  • Never record scores on or near green

  • Park your cart/clubs to rear of the green in line where you exit to next tee.


  • lost ball ,5 minutes per group

  • Encourage a provisional if think may be lost.

  • If group can’t find it and agree it was in a certain area –drop – and add 1 to score.

  • No penalty for hitting in the bushes or shrubbery adjacent to buildings – if you find ball move out 1 club length no closer to the hole

    Water Hazards (RED Stakes)- observe drop areas on #3 ,#5.

  • Holes #1,#3,#4, play as a lateral hazard – 1 stroke penalty and drop 1 club length no closer to the hole.

    Out of Bounce (White Stakes)

  • #1, #3, #4, #5 Takethe point where the ball take the point where ball crossed ‘OB’ – 1 Stoke Penalty- drop 2 club lengths no closer to hole.

    Ground Under Repair – FREE Drop -1 club length NO closer to the hole.