OV Map


  • 1973 Fort Pierce approves site plan for construction of Ocean Village by a joint venture of Gulf Oil Company and Nat Harrison, known as Hutchinson Island Limited Partnership;

  • 1974 Ground breaking. Construction begins: Capstan, Golf Course, Pools and Restaurant. Capstan (300) granted first occupancy permit;

  • 1975 Coral Cluster foundations poured;

  • 1976 Coral Cluster complete, occupancy permit granted. Villa I moves in first residents;

  • 1977 Move-ins at Villas II & III and construction begins on Beachtree I.

  • 1978 Occupancy permits granted for Catamaran I and Beachtree I;

  • 1979 Golf Villas welcome new owners, Beachtree II begins construction;

  • 1980 Catamaran II and Beachtree II open their doors, Seascape I, buildings 4100 & 4200, post occupancy permits, Gulf Oil leaves development and Hutchinson Island Limited Incorporated (HILI) is formed and takes control of Ocean Village;

  • 1981 City voters pass referendum on new construction on South Hutchinson Island, within the city limits, limiting buildings to four stories in height and no more than eight units per acre, Seascape I, Building 4300 on line;

  • 1982 Plans for 18 story “Ocean House” given 14 month extension by City;

  • 1983 $57 monthly POA maintenance fee established;

  • 1984 Developer pays $375,000 to POA for improper taxation. November Nor’easter breaches dune, Ocean Village flooded, 62 cars destroyed;

  • 1985 On-site sewage treatment plant dismantled, Seaword Jr. under editorship Noffz replaces HILI newspaper;

  • 1986 First owner-controlled Board of Directors elected: President - Tom Smith, Vice President- Martha Hardy, Treasurer - Richard Kinney, Directors - Bernard McKeown and Irwin Coleman, Seascape I selects Elliott Management for cluster administration;

  • 1987 On October 19, Dow falls 508 points to 1738;

  • 1988 Installation of 5,000 Christmas light display at entrance;

  • 1989 Freeze kills 28 Australian Pines and $168,000 worth of landscaping is destroyed;

  • 1990 FSLIC takes title of HILI assets, sales and rental operation established;

  • 1991 Bocce is introduced into the Village, AWOL gifts flag pole to Village for installation in front of restaurant;

  • 1992 POA relinquishes management of Ocean Village Inn and leases it to group who rename it Kristi’s On The Ocean, Beach dune is renourished;

  • 1993 $500 assessment - Dune Reserve, FDIC auctions remaining property of Ocean Village to Atigun Serifsoy who forms Ocean Estates;

  • 1994 Board authorizes funds to obtain application for a permit to construct a seawall east of the restaurant;

  • 1995 Howard D Marlowe, lobbyist, retained to assist beach nourishment program, DiBartolomeo, McBee & Sloan hired to perform accounting function, Beach Club exchanges buildings with Administration and Accounting;

  • 1996 Golf program administration leased to outside company;

  • 1997 “Living Wall” planted along A1A, north of the entrance;

  • 1998 Amendment approved for collecting Tennis and Golf reservation fee, RCR Development Company Inc. purchases assets of Ocean Estates from Atigun Serifsoy;

  • 1999 OV in-house TV Channel 63 introduced, Seaword undergoes format change - printed by The Tribune, Hurricanes Floyd and Irene lash Ocean Village, President Richard Boyd presides over Silver Jubilee celebration;

  • 2000 RCR Development begins Southpointe construction, south of existing residences;

  • 2001 Special assessment approved at $360/unit for restaurant and Beach Club renovations, maintenance building relocation, Clubhouse improvements - Seaword now published on site, with assistance from Diane Cooper (The Tribune) and printed by Stuart Web;

  • 2002 Quit Claim deed issued July 12 to transfer ownership of Cayman Center from Ocean Village developer Hutchinson Island Ltd. To OV POA, Inc.;

  • 2003 Capital improvements included pond dredging and illuminated fountains, restaurant siding replacement, three totally re built dune crossings, major renovations to OVC and Cayman Center, new pool deck furniture, new telephone system and hurricane shutters for all OV buildings;

  • 2004 $400 special assessment passed in May for common ground elements acquired from RCR and $186,400 to replenish Reserve Fund, Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne (within 3 weeks of each other) devastate OV;

  • 2005 Continuing to rebuild after hurricanes, restaurant closed - issue in hands of attorneys, On May 26 special assessment of $1110 to repair damages incurred by Frances and Jeanne, in October Hurricane Wilma hit (3 hurricanes in 13 months!);

  • 2006 Agreement made between POA and RCR to share equally in costs related to arsenic testing and monitoring in water at the former maintenance site, rerouted maintenance entrance to conform with original site plan, Service Agreements between clusters and POA were cancelled, Maintenance fee increased by 15%, Bristol Management was hired to replace retiring manager George Mahar, Ty and Marsha Neuman new operators of restaurant “Seafare”, A1A wall west of Golf Lodges North and Golf Lodges Southpointe completed;

  • 2007 Special Assessment of $935 approved to offset 2005 - 2006 operating loss and nonreimbursed hurricane expenses, the Board was appointed by the president to form five-year Master Plan, emergency phones installed on property as recommended by Safety committee, the west side of the A1A wall was landscaped, the Neumans ceased to operate Seafare in the spring and were replaced by Bob and Jan Trudel who named the restaurant The Inn at Ocean Village;

  • 2008 POA assumes ownership of the club house at Southpointe and named it Aruba Center, VP Travis Burns was hired by Board as construction liaison with contractor for Beach Club pool area construction project, Beach Vollleyball now available, the Trudels ceased to operate Seafare in the spring;

  • 2009 Installed gate entry control security systems and digital access control system for owners, the Trudels consented to stay until May for our owners, one of their employees agreed to operate the Tiki bar until such time a new restaurateur is found, Sunrise Ocean Grille opened in November after considerable renovation of the facility, OV received recognition as a Community of Excellence in communications;

  • 2010 SOG closed its doors in May due to financial difficulties, in May a contract was signed with Mark Zollo to operate The Inn at Ocean Village and the Tiki bar beginning in the fall, the new Sports Court opened, the new Tiki bar opened and is currently operated by Bristol Management, OV received recognition as a Community of Excellence in financial innovations;

  • 2011 Aruba Center Arsenic Mitigation Project was launched - all contaminated soil was removed, hauled away and replaced with sterilized soil, additional test wells were drilled for frequent monitoring for the DEP, Hoyt C. Murphy, Inc. became on-site realtors.

  • 2012 Special assessment of $570 per unit is approved for the following projects: Concrete restaurant portion of Beach Club: Beach Cub renovations, including updated restrooms and recreation office, new library and card room: conversion of four hard tennis courts to irrigated soft courts: installation of new golf course irrigation system, greens and tees: fitness center equipment up date and street resurfacing;  Summer 2012 Renovation of Beach Club poolside restrooms; Installation of new roof on Beach Club building.

  • 2013 New clay tennis courts opened in January and additional dune plantings were made, summer projects included woodwork repair on the restaurant, culvert repair on Clipper Drive, new AED cabinet, painting OVC, Beach Club, Administration building and tennis patio area, refurbished lights on Courts #7-10 and new STOP signs installed by DOT throughout OV, new shades for bocce courts went up, the golf course was re-sodded, new beverage station added at The Tiki, the Community Wide Picnic was Nov.13, an annual event everyone enjoys;

  • 2014 The Annual Hospice Fund Drive was a huge success as was the Special Olympics, pickle ball courts were resurfaced, online tennis/golf reservation system is in place, replaced deteriorated storm drains, dredged four lagoons and installed Safehouse Integrated Access Control Entry & Gate System, Golf/Tennis starter shack was upgraded with a makeover, the Restaurant Window Replacement Project, to bring them up to code, started with the east side of the building;

  • 2015 Hospice Fund Drive and Special Olympics were widely supported.  Installation of speed tables and rumble strips, a new shelter over the grandstand at soft tennis courts, tennis courts #7 - #10 were re-surfaced, walkway paving project to install new bricks along dune line east of Capstan was completed, dredged six lagoons, repaired and installed new material at the five dune crossovers, new door at south side of restaurant to bring up to code for safety and protection, the Restaurant Window Replacement Project continued with the south side windows, trimmed and pruned sea grapes and exotics to maintain healthy dunes and extensive repair and resurfacing to Cayman pool;

  • 2016 March 28 marked the 25th anniversary of OV’s first bocce championship games. The Hospice Drive surpassed previous donations and reaches new heights every year. We updated lighting to comply with current “nesting turtle restrictions”, the Restaurant Window Replacement Project rounded up with the north side windows, summer projects included all things necessary to keep our community upgraded and beautiful, including resurfacing of the Bermuda pool, in September the Beach Club pool was resurfaced, the appointment of a Long Range Planning Committee was made, October’s Hurricane Matthew swept up the east coast of Florida, but did not come ashore here, luckily we had only minor wind damage.